I’ma straight up villain

On the low
Only love myself no more
Take you to the grave I’ll ghost
I know I can be so cold
In the dark
Where I like to keep my heart
Know I’m all bite, no bark
Like to catch you way off guard
I’ll stay so deep inside your brain
And take you somewhere far away
Time to roll the dice
You know I’m the type
Type to risk my life
Not afraid to die
Type to make you cry
Type to put a price
All up on your head
Do just what I said
I’ma straight up villain
Straight up villain
Yeah no feeling
Yeah no feeling
Straight up villain
Straight up villain
Yeah no feeling
Yeah no feeling
I’m alive but I’m dead
Hear my voice up in your head
Watch it fill you full of dread
Till you go pow

Pose/Props/Location –
Pose: FOXCITY. Long Grass (VIP Gift 6-17) (Edited in BD)
Backdrop: Diamond Screen – Some More – The Bearded Guy
*Gacha prize*

Body –
Head: LAQ Bento –Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)
Skin: alaskametro<3 “Lady Venom” skin – Tone 1 – no brow
*Gacha prize*

Eyes: [Gauze] Arcane-Samhain-Hybrid
EyeGlow: unstable. Possessed Gaze  – Glow
Hair: [monso] Evelynn2 Hair 
Ears: Astara – Bento Pixie Size 2 BOM
Makeup –
Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3“Fatale” eyeshadow 01
Lips: alaskametro<3 “Bubblegum gloss”  
Eyeliner: cStar Limited – Cat Liner – 009 – Hardcore Cat
Highlighter: alaskametro<3 “Ibiza” highlighter pink (light)
Eyebrows: !O.S!  BOM – gloss brow fine cut
Clothing/Accessories –
Claws: Skellybones — Popstar Claws – Maitreya
Bracelet: !R! The Summoner’s Bangle/ RARE
Earrings: .E l e i. – Evelynn (Earrings)
Stockings: *Vanilla Bae* Ryan Nylons – Maitreya
Shoes: Remezzo Maitreya Uma Boots

Outfit: =Zenith=Evelynn Maitreya
Equal10 Cam Sim 1
Equal10 Cam Sim 2

399$L pack with jacket, top, skirt, claws(not shown). Fitted to Maitreya and Legacy mesh bodies.

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