Stealing The Master’s Snacks

Event Items – 
Tokyo Zero –
-[TWC]-  Starlight (White Sky) AND -[TWC]- Starlight Shine (Add Over)
375$L pack with 7 colors on BoM and Mesh eyes. Includes star overlay.
Engine Room – 
Toksik – Gracious Dress (Reborn Juicy)
500$L per body pack with 7 body/add-on packs available. Versions for Lara/Petite/Flat, Legacy F/Perky/Nerido and Reborn/Juicy available.
Everything comes with full customization HUD and mod/copy permission.
Fat-pack all bodies for 1,200$L

Usagi Society  – Spy Hair
450$L pack with 62 hair colors via HUD. Includes multiple head/breast sizes. 
Includes optional unrigged Bangs and rigged headband.
Includes multiple styles. 

Non – Event Items – 
The Setup – 
VARONIS – Ascelin Skybox
Body –
/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1
VELOUR: Ipanema Body for Maitreya – Curvy (Icy)
{ Pity Party } Primrose Lel Evo X { Icy } No Brows

REBORN – Juicy Boobs v1.0
Makeup –
+KP+ Gift Eye Makeup // LeL Evo X // 4
ALT3 >  Bella BOM Brows > Ash Blonde
CAZIMI: Lip Concealer (EvoX) White 75%
CAZIMI: Axiom Lipstick – Pinks 1 – 80%
Izzie’s  – Baking Mess / Chest Flour
CRY BB. juicy boobies . heavy cleavage
Clothing/Accessories –
[ContraptioN] Dapper Dandy’s Gloves *???* A Maitreya 
*These don’t actually fit under the sleeves and were edited to fit.*
*PKC* LeL EVO X Bijou Band – Female Elf
Bellucci. Oberlin Lunchbox 
Kibitz – Cute ribbon choker – black

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