Late Night Decisions

Event Items – 
Midnight Order – 
Skellybones — Romance Plats eBody Reborn
399$L pack with rigged versions for Maitreya, Reborn and Legacy F bodies.
Includes color change HUD with 5 metals and 15 shoe colors.

Usagi Society  – Blyss Hair
450$L pack with 62 hair colors via HUD.
Includes multiple head sizes and 4 styles .

DollHollic – 
.:Short Leash:. Adora’s Collar 
399$L with color change HUD featuring  5 metal & 16 collar/lace options.
 Open Collar & Whim scripted and unscripted versions included.
Matching cuffs for ankles and writs available. 
Wrists and cuffs sold for 399$L per pack.
Dat-pack whole set for 899$L.
ᴋᴏᴋᴏʀᴏ ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜᴜ{<3}P – Black – Sloppy Panties – Ebody
199$L per color with 10 single colors available. Includes rigged versions for Reborn, Maitreya and Legacy mesh bodies.
Includes HUD for show/hide options of vibrator/color options. 
Fat-pack it for 999$L and get cow print and heart prints as bonus.
[KURURU ] Hana set (E.Reborn Teacups)
590$L fat-pack per body with Maitreya+Petite, Legacy+Perky, Reborn+Juicy Boobs+Teacups, Reborn+Mounds+Overflow packs available.
Includes top, skirt and optional sleeves. 
Both the top and sleeves comes in solid and sheer textures
Get all body options for 1,500$L
Stellar Event- 
CAZIMI: Insight Eyes – LG
250$L pack with 12 colors on BoM layers, EVOX appliers and Omega appliers. 
CAZIMI: Siren Lips – 5 – 60%
250$L pack with 12 colors on BoM layers for EVOX.
Non – Event Items – 
The Setup – 
[piXit] Harito – Full Body Pose Pack
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Meet You There (Rez)
Mithral * Wall Planter Display (Deco(c)rate)
Scarlet Creative Darcy Runner Rug Navy MC
Body –
/ HEAD / lel EvoX Ceylon 3.1
VELOUR: Ipanema Body for Maitreya – Curvy (Icy)
[CX] Strigoi’s Fangs – Silver Type.1
[SoapBerryxKOTTR] Teacups eBody Chest Mod
Makeup –
SSD. Vlade – Black Scars – Evox
[Yomi]  Precious Petals – Fatpack – EReborn
-ROUXS- C H E E K W O R D S C U T S kitten 2
~ Dirty Secrets ~ Cupcake Band-Aids 6
BRABUS – Idol Starter Pack // Makeup & Blushes
Jack Spoon Brandy Liner/Shadow [liner] EvoX
Clothing/Accessories –
~LF~ Mina GroupGift (LeL Evo – Ceylon)

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