Event Items – 
Cyberpunk Fair- 
[AERTH] La Lune
475$L fat-pack with 19 different colors and 7 different layers.
Includes SLUV + EVOX BoM layers, Includes SLUV + EVOX BoM layers, Ebody, Legacy, Maitreya, LEL+EVOX material applier.
Effervescence – Layla
199$L pack with 3 colors invluded on BoM layers for EVOX
Shiny Stuffs EvoX Blade
199$L fat-pack with 32 eyeshadows in 2 opacities and 8 liners on BoM layers for EVOX.
KMH – Hair CP020
325$L per color pack with 2 color packs available. Includes hair in 2 styles, 5 optional bangs and color change HUD.
Fat-pack it and get an extra color HUD for 550$L

[ R U V A ] – Security Eyes – Pink
149$L per color pack/style with 4 versions available. 
Includes 3 eye colors per style. 
Fat-pack it for 399$L.
[BCC] Halo Bodysuit – Reborn – FATPACK
299$L per color pack with 5 color packs available. 
Includes rigged versions for Reborn, Legacy F/Perky, Maitreya/Petite mesh bodies. 
Fat-pack it for 1,199$L.
The Warehouse Sale – 
Quills & Curiosities – Borealis Aura
405$L pack with an animated scrolling aurora with twinkling stars. The HUD comes with fifteen colors as well as tint and glow options. This uses alpha blending and may conflict with hair. The Borealis Aura also comes with custom LODs to help minimize complexity. Included in the notecard is a PNG so you can make custom colors.
Tokyo Zero – 
[Celesticat] Nano Lips – Lel EVO X HD Applier
199$L pack with 12 colors included, 
Includes applier for EVOX only.
Non – Event Items – 
The Setup – 
. MILA . POSES // Sunset Beach
*NeverWish* Planet 13 – Holo Pink
Body –
/ HEAD / lel EvoX Ceylon

[Glam Affair] Celeste [Lelutka EvoX] Milk B
Glam Affair – Body skin Fit ( Milk )
[CX] Strigoi’s Fangs – Silver
+ Twiggy Ears (bom.EVOX) + {Aii}

Makeup –
ALT3 >Twinkle Brow Stamps > Galaxy
ALT3 > Nubby Brows EvoX Applier
Clothing/Accessories –
Klubb – “Stassie” Platfrom Heels Reborn
[Cruel] Sulfur Gorget -Reborn
[Since1975] Body OutLine / Light -Reborn

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