A few of my favorite things

So this is a list of things I use frequently, or when I use them at all.
Since I don’t always credit my Body, Ears, etc you can find them all here.
Also, this is lists of some of my favorite/most used things!
I hope you enjoy my list!
*Side note- This will probably change often*
Cybernetic pieces:
Arms: ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 / Power Gloves
Legs: ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 / Droid Legs

Both these pieces are from Lootbox rares.
Skellybones — SCP-7269 – Arms

Spine: [ContraptioN] Power Jammer Spine ???
::Static:: ZhenJiu Spine
Cyber Torso: Wicca’s Originals – Cryo Chest Maitreya
~By Snow~ Cyborlyte Eyes
~By Snow~ Citadel Eyes
-[TWC]- Connected

 A.D.D.Andel! 2808 Eyes
Dark Passions (Appliers)  
AlaskaMetro<3 (Appliers)
Alme (Appliers)
Astralia (Mesh nail add-ons)

Scratch (Mesh Nail add-ons)
L’Emporio::*Damned Claws* (Mesh Nail add-ons)
Mug – Witchy Hands (Mesh Nail add-ons)
Tattoos and body mods:
Nefekalum Tattoos 


Vegas Tattoo
KENSHO – Animated Glowing Tattoos

LAQ Bento – Motion Capture –Scarlet
LAQ Bento – Motion Capture –Neve
LOGO Chelsea Anniversary Edition v1.0 Head

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara-Petite
[V-Tech] Boi Chest
Demon Tongue: 
[Pirocious] Akaname Tongue
Quenby – Scarlet shape, heavily modded.
Unless otherwise stated.

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