Bite me fall

Summer has all but left my little part of Wisconsin, Us. But I decided to give it one more hoo-rah before I admitted defeat to it being Fall already.

It feels like Summer went by too fast. Way too fast…Here it was the beginning of June and it was 90 degrees outside. Perfect for flip flop, tanks, and shorts! I now find my self reaching for my favorite sweaters and jeans. No more short shorts, flip flops (except to run and get the mail :p), or teeny tiny tank tops.

So here’s to Fall, my one last “bite me” before Winter comes…. 

The beach is so quiet at night.


Skin:[M.O.C.K.] Cersei Skin – peaches with orange sauce (Group Gift)
Shape: My Own
Hair: Alice Project – Marie – Naturals (MM prize)
Eyes: -{The Attic}- Twisted Edition Mesh Eyes  (Twisted Hunt fall 2012 hunt gift)
Nails: …::: Scrub :::…  Spyked Black Nails (200L)
Lashes:..::Beauty Killer::.. Electra Lashes (lucky board prize)
Fangs: [ni.Ju] Fangs (freebie)
1.(Rebelstar) Dark Angel Tattoo V. 3.0 (marketplace item)
2: -SSW- Lips of an angel tattoo (subo gift)
3. Leg tat:  M&T #35 -> Vestigium (past hunt gift)
1. Mock Tintable brow out (past group gift)
2.tsg. Miss Sassy Brow (past hunt gift)
3. A Netherworld – Veiny Eyes – Black Shadow (Twisted Hunt fall 2012 hunt gift)
4. :HS: Mink Lips
5. [Z] Colors Eyeliner; Obsidian Razor (N/A)
Corset: :PS: School Girl Corset Fat Pack, black and red (1,000 Member group gift)
Shorts: *Mayden couture* – Hina Bite me
Shoes:  Cute Poison – Poison Sole Shoes
Earrings: ::Deity:: 10 (75L sale right now!)
face piercings: Cute Poisin- Beauty Destroyed piercing (Twisted Hunt fall 2012 hunt gift)
Piercings: **…:::Scrub:::… Pinched Neck Piercings 1&2 (subo gift)
Ring: …:::Scrub:::… DP Cameo Ring (past hunt gift)
Necklace: :*:CPD:*: Lifeforce Necklace

The deviance skinnery elf

Several hunts going on right now that offer such wonderful items. One of which is the Fairest of them all hunt, offering those “fairest of them all” a chance to get very good items for cheap. As in 5L an item cheap, but its linden well spent because these items are awesome!! For theis hunt you are looking for a glass slipper, much like the one Cinderella wore. (btw, they have spoilers up if you want to take a small sneak peek before you buy things >.<)

One of those items I fell in love with was the skin featured by The Skinnery. It’s like any other normal skin, a light color (my favorite :p), nice looking face, oh and did i mention that there is GLITTER on the face?!
Yep, its an elf face, a glittery, light skinned elf face >.<

The next item I found were the ears featured from Bubble, comes with a hud for very easy to match to skin. I love these ears, they will probably become my new used all the time ears.

Now, this dress has been blogged a gazillion times, but I love it none the less. it’s the hunt prize from Deviance for the Itty Bitty Hunt, but it comes with a full person version as well.  I thought it matched well with the new skin and ears.

First, a full view.

Face close up.
And because I love the shoes I found stuffed in my inventory to go with this look…

Skin: [the Skinnery]Fairy Dust skin @ FOTAhunt 2012 (FOTA hunt)
Shape: My Own
Hair/head band: $GaNKeD$ Lovely Hair Blacks (past group gift, store closed, n/a)
Eyes: 90 Degrees Eyes-ssh Green star (unsure)
Nails: Adoness – Killer Queen Nails – Cornflower Blue (past hunt gift)
Ears: [ bubble ] Glowy Elf Ears – FOTA #3 (FOTA hunt gift)
Lashes:..::Beauty Killer::.. Electra Lashes (lucky board prize)
1.: Virtual/Insanity Elf Arm
1.  AG biteen lipstain- lightly Liliac (unsure)
Dress: Deviance-Mystic Sky (Itty Bitty Hunt Gift, also available in store)
Shoes: ~ZUF~ Ziva’s Summer Heart Shoes (past hunt gift)
Clutch::: PM :: Amanda in Red Clutch / Purse
Circlet: Kouse’s Sanctum – circlet silver rainbow topaz
Ring/ right hand: Chop Zuey Gift – Summer Berries Ring (past gift)
Rings/Left hand: :+*R*+: Gondeliera Ring White (gift)
Bracelet: Zuri’s Double silver bracelet (past group gift, N/A)
Necklace: +Cyrious+ Fairy Dust Vial Necklaces (4 in a set for 99L)

From the Depths of Unicorn Ash, Cstar and Fallen Gods. Pt. 2

So for this next post, I’m showing off the “Depth” skin from Fallen Gods. Its the newest skin featured in the fortune teller game 🙂
In order to get this wonderful skin, you have to match 100% with someone when you both sit and get your fortunes read. Good luck, took me almost 3hrs to do so! Also, guys, if you decide to go help out your ladies and sit with them, no worries, it comes with a male version as well!!! I would suggest doing this in at a busy time, to help speed up the process.
This is what the skin looks like:
After seeing it, I thought of nothing more then galaxies, aliens, and everything beyond.
Sooooo…I waited patiently for 3hrs while sitting with lots of random SL people until that 1 person came and we got a 100% match!
And this is what I decided to do with said skin:
I’m sure I’ll find something else to do with this skin, but for now, this is what I got.
Awesome hair! Too bad the store is closed v.v
Very short Details for this one:
Skin: DEPTH +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Fortunes, female (Fortune teller prize)
Shape: My Own
Hair: $GaNKeD$ Space Vomit Hair (past CAHH prize, store closed,n/a)
Eyes: [Plastik]- Haunt Collection-Hypnotiqe (past subo gift)
Nails: ::{Favole}:: Ophelia (Past hunt gift, n/a)
Lashes:..::Beauty Killer::.. Electra Lashes (lucky board prize)
Fuzzy part by the naughty bits: SPUNK – Mosaic Censor (Pelvis)(past CMFBH gift)
JEWELRY: FINESMITH HUNT ITEM4 Girl in tux collar silver/diamonds (store closed n/a)
Necklace: Earrings: !Rebel Hope – Gift for You (vintage fair 2012 gift)

From the Depths of Unicorn Ash, Cstar and Fallen Gods. Pt. 1

So its been a minute since I’ve posted my last blog, got really busy IRL (work and was my IRL wedding anniversary!).

But I am back with a brand new post about some very, very unique and sexy skins!

The first skin I’m showing is the new Lucky board and gatcha prize from CStar Skins.The gatcha is currently sitting at 12L a try and will go up 1L everyday until Jasmine decides to change to another skin.
The skin comes in 36 different colors…yes 36 different colors to choose from and if your anything like the rest of SL skin addicts, you’ll want them all. Here is a picture of all 36 skins to gather:

This skin color is called Unicorn Ash, its a very pretty purple-ish grey color with blue face marks. I am currently only wearing blue lipstick and eyeliner makeup layers, everything else comes on the skin!


Skin: cStar Limited – Miss Virgo 2012 – Unicorn Ash (lucky board/gatcha prize)
Shape: My Own
Hair: ::Exile:: Hair fair gift (N/A)  
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Deep eyes Berry (group gift)
Nails:::: Scrub :::…  Spyked Black Nails (200L)
Lashes:..::Beauty Killer::.. Electra Lashes (lucky board prize)
Horns: Favole- Accursed
1.: Rebelstar- Dark angel tattoo (Marketplace Item)
2.: -UtopiaH- At My Feet Tattoo (Pink Ribbon Hunt prize)
3.: Tenjin Nature’s Color Block Tattoo (Color Block Fair gift/N/A)
1.:..::Beauty Killer::.. Electra- Lipstick- Blue (lucky board prize)
2.: Z colors, obsidian razor Eyeliner (n/A)
Corset:[dirty.little.secret] :: Devil Corset (past hunt gift, N/A)
Pants: [Nein!] Riveted! M (past lucky board prize/ available in store)
Shoes: Cute Poison – Poison Sole Shoes (Vanity Fair)
Gloves: Electra Gloves short- T&A designs 
Bracelets: **…:::SCRUB:::…Paz (subo gift)
Belly Piercing:  Chop Zuey Gift – Sounds Belly Ring (past summer gift)
Face piercing: Tameless Piercing Group Gift (past group gift/available in store)
Necklace: MG – Necklace – Pearls – Combo Sets and Singles – BLACK (marketplace item)
Earrings: *StashBash Hunt* – #17 Adore & Abhor -(N/A)

SOSL blogger challenge- the Genie!!

The dark genie to be exact. Be careful what you wish for, everything she does for you, has a price 😉
Black, gold, and blue was the color scheme I went with, instead of a friendly pink. I also wanted more of a magical feel to her, this is why her skin has a blue hue to it.

Full body shot
And a face shot, I
Enjoy 😀

Skin: -{The Attic}- Twisted: Arcane (past hunt gift/Awesome skins)
Shape: My Own
Hair:  Tameless Leah all colors (past group gift)
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Arcane Eyes (marketplace item)
Nails: Izzie’s Glitter nails, size 20 (past hunt gift)
Lashes: Moonshadows eyelashes 1
Glowing swirls on hands: ::Evaki:: Creative Angels hunt Gift *(past hunt gift)
Fog and stars from feet: Rising Silks for her particle set (part of a whole outfit/past hunt gift)
1.: .tsg. Miss Sassy Brow (past hunt gift)
2.: Nemezi Sparkly Blue eyeshadow (Marketplace item/very nice, inexpensive makeups) 
3.: :Glamorize: Lip tricks – old gold (marketplace item)
4.:  Mock Basically Alma makeover (past group gift)
Hair Bow:Chus! Chubow Black (past dollarbie)
Full outfit: SAKIDE Linen Harem set (Seriphim turns 1 hunt comes in 2 colors, 10L)
Shoes: Alice Cullen flats (past hunt gift, n/a)
Gloves: Sil`ly:: Rikka armwarmers (N/A)
Ring: Chop Zuey Gift – Fire and brimstone ring(past gift)
Anklet: 4 Gold rings (marketplace item)
Bracelet: Sigma Jewels layered bangles (past gift)
Bracelet: DD Pieces of eight (Unsure)
Belly Piercing:  Chop Zuey Gift – Sounds Belly Ring (past summer gift)
Face piercing [-iPoke-] Illuminati (past hunt gift)
Necklace: I
Earrings: Zuri’s Captured Onyx Shimmer GemChange Earrings Gift (past group gift)

SOSL blogger challenge- the werewolf!!

This was an easy one for me, I love werewolves just as much as I love Vampires!
For this one, I wanted to go with a “controlled” werewolf, one that had full control of her shifts. Not a full furry wolf, though, I suppose that would have been ok too >.<

Full body
And a face shot
Hope you enjoy!

Skin: Heartsick: Chloe: Sugar: Without you skin (past group gift)
Shape: My Own
Feet, tail, ears: :F@C: Canis Timber (marketplace Item)
Hair:  ChiChickie! Piper II – Gift Color – Mahogany (past subo gift)
Claw Wounds: Claw wounds (bloodlines gift)
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ New Moon Eyes (Cullen & Volturi) (Marketplace item)
Nails: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] PANTHER Sharp Claws R20 Black (past hunt gift)
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos – Tribal (past hunt gift)
Lashes: Moonshadows eyelashes 1
1.: .tsg. Miss Sassy Brow (past hunt gift)
2.: Mock Chocolate Eyeshadow (past group gift)
3.: Mock Tintable brow out (past group gift)
4.:  Mock Basically Alma makeover (past group gift)
5.:  Heartsick Fangs (Marketplace item)
Full outfit: Utopia FirePlay W* (past group Gift)
Gloves: Deep Gloves (unsure)
Belly Piercing: .H.W. Belly Piercing (Whore couture gift)
Necklace: M’s Star of cross choker (past gift) 
Earrings: ::michiYuu::Spike Set / BLACK (Vanity Fair gift)
Bracelet: *Divalicious* Bella’s Bracelet (unsure)

LOTD: Red/White

Soooo, I’m going to start doing a look of the day posts….hopefully lol.

Today I started with an easy look, red and white. Wearing one of my favorite MESH tops from Pixel Snobs, It’s currently a hunt gift from the Challenge Super friends hunt, villain path.

Full body

close up

Skin: [M.O.C.K.] Cersei Skin – peaches with orange sauce (Group Gift)
Shape: My Own
Ears: Southpaw #1 Ears Plain – No Jewlery (Group Gift)
Hair: ChiChickie! Jul 22, ’12 – New Release Sophie in vanilla (gift)
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Deep Eyes
chest tat: Little House of Curios – Flower Swirl Tattoo (Makeup and tattoo hunt)
Flower on hip: Tenjin Nature’s Color Block Tattoo
Lashes: Moonshadows eyelashes 1
1.: [M.O.C.K.] Basically Alma Makeover
2.: [MOCK] Brow out experiment  secret menu item (group gift/fee to join)
3.: .tsg. Miss Sassy Brow (makeup and tattoo hunt gift)
4.: Kitty eyeliner 
5.: By Snow, Kitty eyeshadow, in red
shirt: :PS: Harley Quinn Corset (hunt gift)
Skirt: ::TDS:: AlterEgo :: White Prim Skirt (past group gift)
Shoes: ! [DeVicious Footwear] Stolen Heart White (Special Release) (unknown)
Necklace: *** Just You Jewels *** Beat You with Me men Box2 (past hunt gift)
belly pierce: .H.W. Belly Piercing (Whore couture gift)
White flower on wrist: ASO!HairElasticDot (Momiji Hunt)
Earrings: ELUZION * Xoana Earrings
Face piercing: [-iPoke-] Illuminati

RAWR I’m a Leo!

I’m not really a Leo in RL, actually a Sagittarius, but with the new skin from CStar skins I can be one! This new skin os, like all the other skins from CStar, highly detailed and AHHHHHHmazing!

I found CStar when I was still pretty new and to SL. Back then it was a skin shop with these amazingly detailed skins that were way out of my price range! There were a few lucky chairs that I camped for days on end to get a fabulous skin so I didn’t look yucky in my Shy Caramel skin >.< Along with the lucky chairs there was a hunt going on. Find the pieces of candy and you can have skins of just about every natural shade with pink lips! So I grabbed them and wore the heck out of them, from then on, I’ve been a CStar skin whore and I’m damn proud of it! 
The great thing about CStar skins is the fact that you can wear them as a normal skin, or for am outrageous look!

This limited skin comes in not 1 tone, not 2 tones, but 25 different tones!! Varying from the natural colors of amber to terra and everything in between, too the outrageous colors of  Lime (Green), pink ribbon (pink), sunrise (yellow), Violet (purple), moonlight (blue), and sun scorched (orange)!  You also get 3, yes 3 cleavage options! 
The face detailing is, as always, amazing and very precise.
  Here is a picture of all the available skins featured now on the Lucky boards (group only, but group is free to join and is an amazing group!) and in the gatcha (10L right now, but goes up a dollar a day!) And no worries about if you get doubles because they are all transfer!!! You are also allowed to trade in the group with other people!
As for what I’m doing with the skins…..
Rawr Baby!

A close up of the detailed face with makeup. I am wearing e-shadow, liner, and a cover up.


Skin: cStar Limited – Miss Leo 2012 – Satin Honey Bronze (Lucky board/gatcha) JOIN GROUP!
Shape: My Own
Hair and base: -dDx- EFB01 Blondes (past gift)
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Hybrid Eyes (Blush)
Ears: Southpaw– #1 Ears Plain – No Jewlery (Group gift/ fee to join)
Nails:  [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] FRIGHT HUNT GIFT (past hunt gift/available in store)
Feet: .:[ RatzCatz ]:. Barefoot  (past hunt gift/available in store)
Lashes: Moonshadows eyelashes 1
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos– Tribal (full body)  (past hunt gift)
1.: Djinn & tonic the hierophant shadow
2.: Kitty Eyeliner
3.: [M.O.C.K.] Basically Alma [Makeover] (past group gift/fee to join)

Huntress outfit: Savage – Plain Huntress (unsure)
Knife on side: Native American  Inspired knife and knife in sheath (unknown)

Anklets: Anklet 4 gold rings (marketplace item)
Gold set:  Beloved Jewelry : Bracelets (Gold-6 Bangles)(marketplace item)
Bead set: CadyNail Bracelet (Group Gift)
Necklace and earrings: :: PM :: Cycle dans la Chocolaterie Set (past group gift) comes with ring not shown.

SL Blogger challenge – Mummy!!!

RP story:
She awoke in a darkening room, covered in gold and painted pictures of people and objects. Looking around she noticed lots of sand and several snakes pacing around her tomb. The tomb was rather large in size, meant more for a king then a princess. She stood from the sarcophagus, taking her first step since she had died all those years ago. She looked at herself…Her once long flowing golden gown, torn and tattered to shreds. Her body, no longer a bronze color, now a pale color with rotting flesh and bruising. Her hair, still had pieces of the wrapping in it from when she was wrapped and laid to rest. All her jewelry was still intact though, she sighed a sigh of relief. “At least one thing is still normal” She said. She looked around in the rooms, one was filled with gold and gems…her fortune when she was alive she had guessed. Another was filled with her favorite possessions most of which were deteriorated beyond repair. The last room was filled with clothes, jewelry, and the remains of her cats Altair and Mabina. “My poor babies” she said kneeling next to the remains.  Looking around the room, she found some better clothes to wear, and replaced her ratty clothes with the new “MUCH better” She thought. She looked for away out of the tomb, it was stuffy and she wanted to know what had changed in 10,000 years. Moving some sand she found the outline of a door, she pushed hard against it and it opened into another dark room with a light at the end. “I guess this is the beginning of my afterlife” She said.

This one was a rather hard one for me to make. I don’t even do anything with mummies because they are just dead things wrapped in toilet paper looking clothes and only go “MMMMmmmMMMmmMMm”.

So, I decided to go more Egyptian and elegantly dead. Instead of the traditional white wrappings, adding golds and reds.                                          Hope you like it!

Full Body

And a face shot

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.Salome-(cafe B4)Summer Horror Special (n/a)
Shape: My Own
Hair/white bandages:  CriCri-Zombie Hair (store closed)
Eyes: [T.P]-Jerusalem-Copper (plastik gift)
Nails/gold moon ring:  Candy Nail #P078 Midnight Dream Gold (n/a)
Feet: Candy Nail Bare feet  (Group Gift)
Lashes: Moonshadows eyelashes 1
1.: *LpD* – group Gift  Eyeshadow Golden (past group gift)
2.: {Z} Colors [] Eyeliner [] obsidian razor (past hunt gift)
3.: [M.O.C.K.] Basically Alma [Makeover] (past group gift0
4.:  White liner: Stain- Eye Definer, White (Hunt gift from TGGS)
5.:  Survivor Tattoo (Whole Body)
Gold Bodysuit: Evie’s Closet – Magic Of Oz Anniversary Gift 2010 (N/A)
Wrappings: MIssnoise – Bende set (Marketplace item)
Necklace:  “Draconis” collar for female -ruby goth
Earrings:  Zuri’s Adored Earrings (past group gift)
1: :+*R*+: Gondeliera Ring White
2: Chop Zuey Gift Women – Fire & Brimstone Ring (past gift)