Another attempt at blogging

I haven’t blogged in a loooooong time >.<
Lots has changed since the last time I blogged, lots of RL stuff. Any who, I decided my first blog will be my look of, week, I’m not sure how long I’ll wear this one! i love the way it looks, though it is a bit on the, not so covered up side lol!

Here is the first pic:

A lot of the stuff I’m wearing you may not be able to get anymore, as it was group gifts, hunt gifts, etc. I’ll do my best to list everything I’m wearing and if its still available.It’s very black >.< Makes me think I’m a bad girl lol.
A close up shot of my face:
Most of the makeup I am wearing is from a shop called MOCK, group gifts mostly. I love the shop and the creator is awesome! The group is 250L to join, but well worth it! there are group gifts almost everyday!! My eyes are from a small shop called ~*By Snow*~. The shop has a ton of realistic looking eyes as well as other items such as avatars. I fell in love with ~*By Snow*~ like a week after I joined SL.

Things I am wearing:
Shape: Layla Vidor, free shapemodified, 0L Exxess
skin: {the Attic} Arcane female (light), Twisted Hunt-Arcane (look for a spinning blue box and buy for 0L)
Hair: Tameless Leah – All Colors (The Fashionista Hunt Gift from Tameless)
Nails: Nails – Formanails – Form Long – Design SMOKE 20 (lucky board item)
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ New Moon Eyes (Cullen & Volturi)-Cullen buy for 1L (SO WORTH IT!)
{Zeery} colors eyeliner Obsidian Razor (no longer available, but offer others.)
[MOCK] Purple Violet Eyeshadow[color inspired]( group gift) might still be available.
[MOCK] Saffy Violet lip gel (group gift) Might still be available
Fallen gods Fangbangers Delight (Hardcore hunt, no longer available)
Tattoos:(SFU) Dark Free star tattoos on marketplace 0L HERE
:: alterego :: Starry tattoo (pelvic tattoo, part of a set but is still available)
Lashes: ::EAB:: Ms March Eyelashes by LDK (past hunt gift, no longer available)
Ears: [-B-] Elven Ears #Abyss. (not sure where I got these, I’ve had them for a long time)
Pants: :: alterego :: dsm 2.0 prize // female (part of an outfit from the Depraved Spring Madness hunt)
Shirt: ~DFH~ 39~The Little Bat- Addicted (part of a set from the Dark Future Hunt) no longer available
Panties: -SU!- Basic Thong black-skull (subo gift)
Shoes: IMC :: Revived Barrels silver (Not Free) 100L
Jewlery: [-iPoke-] Illuminati face piercing (past hunt gift, no longer available but have lots of others!)

Deviance Drow

Today I received the new sub gift from *Deviance *. Its 2 complete sets of silks, 1 in silver metal and 1 in gold metal. The silks themselves are a very pretty purple color.
I’m showing the silver set here with my elf/drow (depends on your definition) avatar.


Skin: Kennedy’s- when roses turn black skin (past hunt item)
Ears: Caverna Obscura– Drow Ears + Earrings Box (freebie)
Tattoo: FALLEN GODS INC +black thorns full body (past hunt item)
[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Elf arm tattoo (past hunt item)
Hair: Alice Project – Katrina II Naturals (*Savoir Hair*)
Shape: *CUPCAKES Jelly Shape, altered
Eyelashes: aMuse forget me not eyelashes
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Arcane Eyes (on Xstreet)
Outfit: Deviance – Arcane Dancer Silks – subo gift
Nipple tape: Purple (unsure where its from)
Face piercings and crown: .:ellabella:. Sweet release/sweetly bound (past hunt gift)
Shoes: P10 Serenity Amethyst Rose Heels (past hunt gift)
Nails:=LDK=(long nails) Vanity nails size 20

[Nein!], and how to wear it…maybe?

So [Nein!] has lucky boards re-stocked with AMAZING items for you to grab!
I fell in ♥ with [Nein!] back in February with their Tripp pants featured in a hunt prize.
You can now get the Tripp pants once again, but this time with out all the “ZOMG where is it?!” moments. They are on the MM boards, 1 female and 1 male. But the lucky boards are the real deal! Featuring 5 different sets to collect (I have them all already, naturally :p) Several including shoes, jewelry, pants, shirts, and lots of prim attachments for your individual style pleasure!
Now, I won’t be showing you every piece that comes with them, just the ones I use :p
Featured here is the [Nein!] Freak pants from the freak set. Comes with a black tank top with prim bottom.

Items used:
Shirt: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Bad Santa’s Girl set (no longer available, past hunt item)
Pants: [Nein!] Freak pants, Lucky board 5 min
Jacket: **GizzA** Leather Outfits Group Gift Female
Shoes: ..::Beauty Killer::.. Emo Star Sneakers – Pink (10L in the sales section)
Skin: !MM!(Mango, Mango) Poiple Fool’s (April fool’s hunt gift)
Shape: *CUPCAKES Jelly Shape (freebie item, assuming its from *CUPCAKES)
Tats: :Wicked Tattoos: Wicked (featured in the wicked hunt)
Hair: aMuse: Mix and Match hair (mix and match hunt)
Earrings: Chop Zuey Cotton Candy earrings (mix and match hunt)
Face piercings: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] TOOMUCH Piercings Set (Black) (unsure if still available)
Lashes:::EAB:: Ms March Eyelashes by LDK (Won off lucky board)
Nails: La Boheme: True Blood prim nails, size 20 (no longer available, past hunt item)

Next is another set from the lucky board called the Love set. I’m showing the pants and teh shirt because the set is just so damn cute together!

Items used:

Shirt and pants: [NEIN!] Love set (Lucky Board 5 min)
Shoes: :SZD: Pink Skull Sneakers -Unisex-(Midnight mania)
Nails: BM (baby monkey shoes) Sculpted Nails – Glamour Collection 20 (past group gift)
Hair: [e] Frost – Blonde 08 (Unsure how/where I got)
Skin: ..::Beauty Killer::.. Audrey-Light tone-pink (hunt on the shitz and giggles sim)
Jewelry: Chop Zuey chained hearts set (past hunt item, may still be available)

Thats it for this blog, but stay tuned and I might post something else!!
Thanks reading, Akira

Military day off

So, I have fallen in love with a show called “coming home”. For those of you who have no idea what its about, its a show centered around the military and the family, friends, and soldiers and the events that take place when said soldiers come home. Its a rather emotional roller coaster of happy and sad, mostly happy.
So I made a pic of something “military-esque” Using camo pants from Poised as an essential part. Now beginning I had no idea what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to do a shot of a tough girl decked out in BDUs, or a shot of some girl trying to act tough. No, I wanted to show the sexy side of the military, maybe a “day off” shot. Something that, after a long day of work, a lady can change into. This is what i came up with

Its fun, its sexy, and still has the “tough” appeal. The great thing is everything was free or cheap!

Things used:
Poised Kicks-camo pants and arm bandana, September group gift (pants still available, but cost 100L)
Chop Zuey chained hearts set- hunt gift from the Dark Katz Hunt(still available, costs 299L)
Belly Ring- Finesmith Designs-sexy belly ring heart
Shoes- NX-Nardcotix Kurvy Ruby Slippers (From the Diamond is mine hunt 2 here)
Top-**GizzA** Rideers Shirts jacket layer
Bra- -Paper Doll- Valentine Diva bra panty set (Valentine Diva Hunt)
Skin- Laura Hurley-Aimee *Love Blue* (gift, unsure if still available)
Nails-:: Exodi :: Sculpted Nails v2.0 – Springtime Series 20 (lucky chair item)
Hair- ChiChickie! Marilyn 2-Ash, comes with hair chopsticks (ChiChickie! Group Gift – March 23, 2011)
Lashes- [chuculet] eyelashes – rana (1L here)
Shape-*CUPCAKES Jelly Shape

Back to blogging…

So after a much too long break from blogging, I decided I need to give it another try! And on my 1yr rez day!

First off, last year there were so many great things in SL that I took a liking to. I’ll show some of them first.

This first one is of my most favorite look last year. It’s unique and I got a lot of interesting looks and comments because of it :p

Here are the details of the look:

Skin: [Arcadian Reverie] Niji
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Voodoo Color Dark
Hair: *BC322 Trick Candy-Ice Blue
Shape: 5’4 Chaos Chick Shape(on X-street)
Eyelashes: [chuculet] eyelashes – tila and LOGO Natural Prim Eye Lashes
Eyes: [XYR] rainbow eyes
InSight~Eye sparkles attachments
Pants-..::Beauty Killer::.. Pink Grunge Hotpants
fishnet leggings- .:Shush:. Punk rock queen jeans black fishnet
Shirt- {BB} Sh0rT33 top
Bra-[Sassy kitty designs] Rockabily cutie skulls tank,black
Gloves: -Mizer Gloves-Purple
Face piercings: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] TOOMUCH Piercings Set (Black)
Necklace-Eat me Expressions Necklace
Earrings- Purple hoop earrings
Shoes: :~CD~:M&M Uggies with colour change boots
Nails: MONS – Sugar cat nails

The next look is another fave look of mine and I just recently got the items.
The dress is from a hunt going on at Discord right now. There are several really nice items featured in this hunt.
The shoes are from P3 and are the Wench tattoodles in purple.

My hair and the blood on blood on face are from a past hunt from Battle Angel.
Nails area free from Mstyle and are Long Nails v2 – Brocade size 20.
Skin was a free from Laura Hurley and is called *Aimee*-Love Blue.
Face jewelry is [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] TOOMUCH Piercings Set (Blacck) and is a past hunt gift.
Necklace is $GaNKeD$ All That Jazz Necklace in black and is a past group gift.

You can see all these and more photos on my Flikr account, just look up Akira Voorhees and there ya go >.<