Past events covered

Femboy Hunt

The Fantasy Collective

Romp Monthly

The Seraphim Social


Totally Top Shelf


The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Kawaii Ponpon

Hair Fair 2016, 2017, 2018


Epic Events

The Candy Factory

Katnipz Events

Wayward Halloween


Objects D’Amour

Kawaii Vs. Creepy Gacha event

Creepy Cutie Carnival

Seraphim Presents – The End

Level Up~Gamer themed Event

Tales of Fantasy

H.P. Lovecraft Festival 2014

Witchy Hour Hunt

Rock Attitude 1, 2, 3

Rock Attitude Hunt


The Style Icon Fashion Fair


Not the Usual Pumpkin Hunt

Fantasy Faire – 2016, 2017, 2018

The Nightmare

The 24

The 24 Squared

Festival of Sin II

Pose Fair 2015

Skin Fair 2015

Indie Teepee

Menswear Fashion Week 2015

Cirque De Seraphim

Mystic Realms Faire

Candy Fair 2014

H&G Expo 2014

Save the Date

Manga Fair

Happy Holi Fair

The Month of Games

For Aeva Heartsick fundraiser

HorrorFestive 2014

Jewelry and Accessories expo 2014

Final Fantasy Festival 2014

The Dirty Pillows Hunt 2013

The invitation Only Hunt

Perfect 10 Event

Wayward Carnival

The Multicultural Menu

Second Life Syndicate Naughty Vs. nice

Second Life Syndicate Trick or Treat

Second Life Syndicate Gore Vs. Whore

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