Welcome new and old followers, readers, viewers, and drop by-ers, to the new SL Chatterbox @ WordPress!

My old site was hosted on Blogger, but I decided to move it to WordPress for obvious reasons.

This will be a forever post at the top of my blog, not only to welcome those who drop by, but also to show off the old blog pages stats for all to see.

For the 5 years I was at Blogger, I built up quite the site, or at least to me I did.

Here are those stats:



Today’s post features a lot of items from one of my favorite designers, alaskametro. They’ve got something for everyone out at several events and all of them are available to those on a budget. We’ll start off with talking about this cute dress/shirt combo called … Continue reading Her


Hello, lovelies! So, today’s post features some great things from Arcade, We Roleplay and Uber! Starting off with these Le Morte gacha goodies from the Arcade this round, called Tokko Wear. Le Morte made a gacha packed with 15 prizes, including a rare set of sneakers. … Continue reading Monster